About Me


Are you looking at me?

I am a recusant programmer working for an insurance company. I have lived in seven countries on four continents. Like many software professionals, I didn’t start out with a burning ambition to sit in cubicles and keep corporate wheels greased: serious bribes were required.

I would really like to catch the first starship outta here!

John Baker

Meridian Idaho.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. John
    I am actuary working in Melbourne Australia. I have been using J as an tool for my actuarial work. J is not used in Australia by consultants or insurers. I would be be interested to lean if J is used in the US as a tool in the insurance industry.

    Any feedback welcome.

    I would like to introduce J as a tool for teaching and solving problems in the financial and insurance industry.


    William Szuch

  2. William,

    The company I work for uses APL for a number of actuarial systems. My knowledge of APL is one the big reasons I am here. We don’t use J for any formally supported systems but I use it all the time in my day to day tasks. It’s far easier to incorporate J in shell scripts than APL so I do a lot of test case and code analysis tasks with J. There is no reason J could not replace APL and there would be significant benefits. J does not have semi-globals which in my experience are horribly abused in real world APL programs. Oh, don’t get me started about QuadIO 1!

    Thanks for leaving a note.

    P.S. is there any chance you will be at the upcoming J conference in Toronto next July?

    John Baker

  3. John

    Thanks for the comments.
    I will try to get to the conference – would love to see Canada.

    Are you aware of any actuarial practices or other institutions that use J ?.


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