Ethanol is Excrement in the Gas Tank

Like many U.S. government programs, the blended corn ethanol mandate has done little to address its avowed goals, i.e., strengthen energy security, reduce carbon emissions, and lower prices for consumers. By some accounts it, consumes more energy than it produces, increases consumer prices, distorts food production, wastes vast tracts of arable land, and contributes to … Continue reading Ethanol is Excrement in the Gas Tank

Joe Biden = Intelligence Failure

Joe Biden, the demented imbecile in the White House, recently had his, “it will go away like a miracle” (Trump) moment. His, “the rise of the oceans began to slow” (Obama) moment. His, “mission accomplished” (Bush) moment. His, “I did not have sex with that woman” (Clinton) moment. His, “I’m not a crook” (Nixon) moment, … Continue reading Joe Biden = Intelligence Failure

The Mass Kill as Performance Art

It’s been almost a week since the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre and the idiot media is still looking for “a motive.” They remind me of O.J.’s fruitless search for the “real killer.” I don’t watch the alphabets, except when trapped in airports or, with increasing annoyance, in my employer’s cafeteria so I’ve missed days … Continue reading The Mass Kill as Performance Art

Idaho Statesman Regurgitates High Precision Hate Calculations

The other day while eating lunch in my employer's cafeteria I picked up the fish wrap version of the Idaho Statesman. My employer kindly subscribes to the Statesman and scatters copies around the office so I don't have to spend my money on what is usually a slightly left of center, sane, and boring publication. … Continue reading Idaho Statesman Regurgitates High Precision Hate Calculations

I Help Fat Little Kim Pick Nuke Targets

Guam? Guam? Kim, you can't be serious! I realize you live in a self-imposed hermit kingdom where questioning your fat headed notions results in being thrown to actual dogs but surely you're aware of Baker's Law of American Cluelessness. No matter what the topic of conversation roughly one-third of the American public won't have a … Continue reading I Help Fat Little Kim Pick Nuke Targets

FCC Follies and Monkey Browsing

There is much wailing on the intertubes about proposed changes to FCC Internet privacy rules. That horrible orange Russian stooge is desecrating the Lightbringer's enlightened decrees and the usual suspects are having boringly predictable conniption fits. Apparently, our Internet privacy is now under attack and horrible things will ensue. You poor dumb fucks. You have no Internet … Continue reading FCC Follies and Monkey Browsing