Milliblog: Photo Captions

This blog is still alive and kicking. I post when I post. Currently, my energies are deployed on other fronts. If you absolutely must get your Analyze the Data not the Drivel fix look over my extensive millibloggy photo captions.  Here’s a typical example: The “miraculous staircase” in Santa Fe's Loretto Chapel. After paying your … Continue reading Milliblog: Photo Captions

What is Required: Print Captions on the back of Photographs

I am tired of waiting for "the market" to exploit painfully obvious opportunities so I will now provide guidance, in the form of milliblog entries, that tell our less imaginative entrepreneurs just what some of us would buy if we could. Here's a deep request. How about printing captions on the back of photographs? I … Continue reading What is Required: Print Captions on the back of Photographs

Photospheres Away!

Photographers are notorious gear-heads. Everybody has a favorite lens, camera or tripod and, no matter how much gear we have, more is always better! Hey, somebody has to stimulate the moribund Obama economy. Gear lust is not entirely irrational. Good cameras really do take “technically” better pictures than mediocre or poor cameras but here’s the … Continue reading Photospheres Away!

Minnie’s Pictures

Minnie E. Raver 1881-1977 While going through my late mother’s pictures I came across a box of my great-grandmother Minnie’s old photographs. When my great-grandmother died in 1977 my grandmother Hazel took her pictures and stuffed them in her Hoarder’s level junk filled basement.1 After Hazel’s death my mother recovered Minnie’s pictures from Hazel’s hoard and … Continue reading Minnie’s Pictures