Joe Biden = Intelligence Failure

Joe Biden, the demented imbecile in the White House, recently had his, “it will go away like a miracle” (Trump) moment. His, “the rise of the oceans began to slow” (Obama) moment. His, “mission accomplished” (Bush) moment. His, “I did not have sex with that woman” (Clinton) moment. His, “I’m not a crook” (Nixon) moment, … Continue reading Joe Biden = Intelligence Failure

Public School Teachers Should Wear Body Cameras

One of the many positive things to emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic is the renewed interest of parents in just what the fuck is going on in their children’s schools. Like many pandemic perks this wasn’t planned, but when kids were expelled from their classrooms and parents were sent home from their jobs, both ended … Continue reading Public School Teachers Should Wear Body Cameras

The Zero Bullshit Sport Olympics

We can thank the perpetually aggrieved and ever-complaining “transgender community” for the Zero Bullshit Sport Olympics. The ridiculous spectacle of huge male weightlifters, that conveniently identified and competed as women, crushing smaller and weaker female competitors on live global TV forced many to ask forbidden questions. “Why are Olympic sports sexually segregated?” “Does it really … Continue reading The Zero Bullshit Sport Olympics

Oscars Now as Meaningless as Nobel Peace Prizes

Eons ago, upon learning that Barak Obama, aka the Magic Lightbringer, had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing sweet diddly-squat, I rightfully concluded that the Nobel Peace Prize had completed its long embarrassing journey to absolute irrelevance. I opined that frivolous Canadian Idol awards meant more because at least Idol recipients had to … Continue reading Oscars Now as Meaningless as Nobel Peace Prizes