Some Modest Proposals for SVBish Bank Bailouts

Here we go again another criminal bank bailout. Don’t even try and argue that the SVB bailout isn’t a bailout. You can tell it’s a bailout from all the frantic explanations the Biden gang is pushing telling us how giving funds, way over FDIC deposit insurance limits, to deposit holders in 2023 fundamentally differs from … Continue reading Some Modest Proposals for SVBish Bank Bailouts

Ethanol is Excrement in the Gas Tank

Like many U.S. government programs, the blended corn ethanol mandate has done little to address its avowed goals, i.e., strengthen energy security, reduce carbon emissions, and lower prices for consumers. By some accounts it, consumes more energy than it produces, increases consumer prices, distorts food production, wastes vast tracts of arable land, and contributes to … Continue reading Ethanol is Excrement in the Gas Tank

Joe Biden = Intelligence Failure

Joe Biden, the demented imbecile in the White House, recently had his, “it will go away like a miracle” (Trump) moment. His, “the rise of the oceans began to slow” (Obama) moment. His, “mission accomplished” (Bush) moment. His, “I did not have sex with that woman” (Clinton) moment. His, “I’m not a crook” (Nixon) moment, … Continue reading Joe Biden = Intelligence Failure

Public School Teachers Should Wear Body Cameras

One of the many positive things to emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic is the renewed interest of parents in just what the fuck is going on in their children’s schools. Like many pandemic perks this wasn’t planned, but when kids were expelled from their classrooms and parents were sent home from their jobs, both ended … Continue reading Public School Teachers Should Wear Body Cameras

The Zero Bullshit Sport Olympics

We can thank the perpetually aggrieved and ever-complaining “transgender community” for the Zero Bullshit Sport Olympics. The ridiculous spectacle of huge male weightlifters, that conveniently identified and competed as women, crushing smaller and weaker female competitors on live global TV forced many to ask forbidden questions. “Why are Olympic sports sexually segregated?” “Does it really … Continue reading The Zero Bullshit Sport Olympics