Download this Blog

This page maintains references to “downloadable” versions of this blog.

I frequently update these documents but they are not always current. The online version is the source and it is always up to date.

The eBook versions (EPUB and MOBI) are image free. I tested loading all the images found in the PDF version but current eBook readers bog down and make an unpredictable mess wrapping text around usually poorly placed images.

  1. bm.pdf  (PDF version) This version was compiled from the \LaTeX source generated by the process described in these posts. bm.pdf is also available here.
  2. bm.epub  (iPhone, iPad and other EPUB readers). See the post.
  3.  (Kindle version).
  4. GitHub repository containing \LaTeX and markdown source.

Note: You can find these and related files in the files sidebar in the WordPress to LaTeX directory.

2 thoughts on “Download this Blog

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