Download this Blog

This page maintains references to “downloadable” versions of this blog.

Blog content is available in PDF and EPUB formats.

The eBook EPUB version is image free. I tested loading all the images found in the PDF version but current eBook readers bog down and make an unpredictable mess wrapping text around usually poorly placed images.

The PDF version is the document of record.

Additions, updates, and revisions will only be found in the PDF version.

  1. bm.pdf  (PDF version) This version was compiled from the \LaTeX source generated by the process described in these posts. bm.pdf is also available here. Note: this alternate link may not be current.
  2. bm.epub  (iPhone, iPad and other EPUB readers). See the post.
  3. GitHub repository containing \LaTeX and Markdown source.

Note: recent (2022) cellphone eBook readers from Apple and Amazon reject the pandoc and calibre generated versions of these files. I don’t know if this is more DRM bullshit or problems with the format. I do know that all these files are easily read by calibre’s eBook reader and other eBook readers I’ve tried.

Note: (April 2023) I am only supporting the EPUB format for eBooks going forward. Nobody is clamoring for the other formats and they are a nuisance to generate. I am also giving the eBook editor Sigil a try. The process described above uses pandoc to generate EPUB documents which I tweak with Calibre. Sadly, the result does not load into the Apple Books (a major EPUB reader), but opening the document in Sigil and resaving seems to fix the problem.

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