Tweaking Jupyter export HTML with Templates

In a previous post, I outlined some handy hacks for converting Jupyter notebooks to oriented HTML. This addendum describes the use of Jupyter templates and CSS edits to fine-tune exported HTML. Jupyter exports notebooks in a variety of formats. I regularly export notebooks as Markdown, HTML, and $latex \LaTeX$. When blogging I mainly use … Continue reading Tweaking Jupyter export HTML with Templates

Better Blogging with Jupyter Notebooks on

When I discovered Jupyter notebooks a few years ago I instantly recognized their potential as a technical blogging tool. Jupyter notebooks support mixtures of text, mathematics, program code, and graphics in a completely interactive environment. It's easy to convert notebook JSON .ipynb files to markdown, $latex \LaTeX$, and HTML so it's not a big leap … Continue reading Better Blogging with Jupyter Notebooks on

More J Pandoc Syntax HighLighting

Syntax highlighting is essential for blogging program code. Many blog hosts recognize this and provide tools for highlighting programming languages. (this host) has a nifty highlighting tool that handles dozens of mainstream programming languages. Unfortunately, one of my favorite programming languages, J, (yes it’s a single letter name), is way out of the mainstream … Continue reading More J Pandoc Syntax HighLighting