Ethanol is Excrement in the Gas Tank

Like many U.S. government programs, the blended corn ethanol mandate has done little to address its avowed goals, i.e., strengthen energy security, reduce carbon emissions, and lower prices for consumers. By some accounts it, consumes more energy than it produces, increases consumer prices, distorts food production, wastes vast tracts of arable land, and contributes to … Continue reading Ethanol is Excrement in the Gas Tank

Travel Diary: Brisbane to Canberra (Part 1)

For most of October 2022, we were traveling in Australia and New Zealand: two countries that have long lingered on our bucket lists. While traveling I kept notes on my iPhone and Mac. The following four blog posts are slightly edited versions of my notes. I cleaned up my phrasing and inserted appropriate pictures but … Continue reading Travel Diary: Brisbane to Canberra (Part 1)

On Eponymous Erasure

While slumming on the Internet I came across a woman complaining. Imagine my astonishment! The lady1, let’s call her Karen, had an esoteric complaint, it was: The Pythagorean Theorem was known long before his birth. Calling the theorem “Pythagorean” is a form of erasure. Oh my! Apparently, attributing a well-known mathematical result to a person … Continue reading On Eponymous Erasure