More on Kindle Oriented LaTeX

I've been compiling LaTeX PDFs for the Kindle. If you like LaTeX typefaces, especially mathematical fonts, you'll love how they render on the Kindle. It's a good thing because you won't like the Kindle's cramped page dimensions. For simple flow-able text this isn't a big deal but for complex LaTeX documents it is! There are two basic LaTeX to … Continue reading More on Kindle Oriented LaTeX

Open Source Hilbert for the Kindle

David Hilbert While searching for free Kindle books I found Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg offers free Kindle books but they also have something better! Would you believe LaTeX source code for some mathematical classics. The best book I've found so far is an English translation of David Hilbert's Foundations of Geometry. Hilbert's Foundations exposed some … Continue reading Open Source Hilbert for the Kindle

The Kindle is just like the KKK

Oh Mohammed in a brothel how much more of this idiocy can we endure?  A certain brain-damaged official, (Thomas Perez), in the US Department of Justice apparently thinks allowing Universities to experiment with delivering textbooks via the Kindle violates the civil rights of the blind. This so is mind-boggling stupid that I thought it was … Continue reading The Kindle is just like the KKK