Everybody Abandon Facebook Day

Yesterday was the first ever Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.   My favorite Everybody Draw Mohammed cartoon is shown below.

Da Glory-ass Koran

Da Glory-ass Koran

For the troglodytes among us Everybody Draw Mohammed Day was a sarcastic reaction to years of bullying, death threats and fatwas issued against cartoonists for the horrible crime of drawing caricatures of Mohammed.  The point of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day was to drive home the simple fact that when it comes to free speech there are no sacred cows or prophets!  Nothing is beyond offensive satire.

For me free speech is an absolute inalienable right that overrides nonsense like religious belief.  If you attempt to regulate my speech I will resist.  The harder you push the more I will push back.  If you curtail or regulate my speech I will scream louder. If you pass laws restricting discourse I will break them. If you suppress my voice I will stop debating and start shooting.  And, if you think I am bluffing go ahead and call me on it.

Given the depth of this conviction I was sorely disappointed to see that Facebook dropped The Everybody Draw Mohammed Day page.  The cowardly weasels weren’t even responding to official complaints.  They just decided to self-censor themselves and a hundred thousand Facebook users as well.  Of course they had their reasons but let’s cut the crap.  They have shown us that when cards are in play they have no core beliefs beyond pimping user data to third parties for cash.

I cannot endorse such behavior so I deleted my Facebook account.  This was not an empty gesture for me.  As a divorced father living in another country I enjoyed seeing Facebook posts from my kids on a regular basis but sometimes we have to give up things we like when they clash with principles.

So I am inviting all that sincerely uphold free speech to join with me on June 5, 2010, (the day Facebook allegedly deletes my account), to celebrate Everybody Abandon Facebook Day by deleting your own Facebook account.

Hard Ass Skeptic Rules

I am a hard ass skeptic.  A hard ass skeptic is somebody that holds:

  1. Ghosts do not exist
  2. Gods do not exist
  3. UFOs are not alien spaceships
  4. There are no Yetis
  5. There are no psychics
  6. 9/11 was not an inside job
  7. Life after death is nonsense
  8. Reincarnation is more nonsense
  9. Somebody called Christ did not rise from the grave
  10. Mohammed did not ascend to heaven
  11. The world will not end in 2012
  12. Heaven and Hell do not exist
  13. You cannot build a Good and Evil meter

Hard ass skeptics are often accused of being sour, bitter, judgmental know-it-alls by the usual crew of credulous buffoons.  Cry me a river people!  No matter how many idiotic ghost hunting shows you put on the history channel you are never going to convince a hard ass skeptic that ghosts exist. Just so we can all get along I am going to disclose how you can win an argument with a hard ass skeptic.

The key to marketing ideas to hard ass skeptics is to understand what hard ass skeptics consider valid arguments.  Hard ass skeptics will consider only two types of arguments:

  1. Mathematical proof
  2. Hard science

If you cannot couch your argument in these terms just shut the fuck up.  You are wasting your breath and the hard ass skeptic’s time.

I know this is harsh but it gets worse.  Mathematicians and scientists make mistakes: lots and lots of mistakes.  How does the hard ass skeptic deal with this inconvenient truth? The typical hard ass skeptic simply doesn’t have enough time, skill or expertise to filter the rubbish from the rubies.  So the hard ass skeptic assumes it’s all crap until there is verified overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  

Finally, hard ass skeptics put the burden of proof on a supposition’s supporters. It’s not the hard ass skeptic’s job to prove you are wrong.  It’s your job to prove,  beyond any reasonable mathematical or scientific doubt, you are correct.   So please stop whining about how we haven’t proved that  psychics, Yetis or Heaven do not exist.  It’s not our job and it never will be.