Evil Queens are getting Hotter

There’s not a lot of good news out there. Our currencies are being sodomized by economic imbeciles. High unemployment has demoralized the masses and forced lobotomized bureaucrats to get off their entitled asses and redefine it. The suck---oops stock---market has returned SFO for a decade. CO2 levels are rising. The seas are not subsiding; they … Continue reading Evil Queens are getting Hotter

The Hunger Games: a Libertarian Dead Teenager Movie.

I’ve always enjoyed watching teenagers die. Even when I was a teenager, back in the early Pleistocene, I couldn’t get enough adolescent annihilation. Now that I am a certified, some would say certifiable, drooling old fart boomer I enjoy it even more. Youthful folly: it’s riveting entertainment for the elderly. Given my macabre inclinations I … Continue reading The Hunger Games: a Libertarian Dead Teenager Movie.

The 20 seconds that ruined Inception

Last week I saw Inception with my daughter.  I was seriously considering giving this flick a miss after reading Michelle Malkin’s rant about its empty-headed actors.  Nothing ruins a movie faster than an actor going off-script!  Actors are given scripts written by others for very good reasons.  Most of them have stunted childlike minds that … Continue reading The 20 seconds that ruined Inception