WordPress to LaTeX with Pandoc and J: Prerequisites (Part 1)

Click for an updated PDF version of this post. There are no quick WordPress to LaTeX fixes WordPress to LaTeX Over the next three posts I will describe how to convert WordPress’s export XML to LaTeX source code.  I know that many of you are looking for a quick WordPress to LaTeX fix; unfortunately there … Continue reading WordPress to LaTeX with Pandoc and J: Prerequisites (Part 1)

Common Table Expression (CTE) SQLServer Queries with J

I've been blogging long enough to observe that your awesome posts are often ignored while your little "one-offs" sometimes strike hit gold. This is particularly true for "code example" posts. When I'm trolling for code --- the geek equivalent of trolling for babes --- I don't want to read about the author's programming philosophy or what the hell … Continue reading Common Table Expression (CTE) SQLServer Queries with J

PIP News: Isabelle is Up!

Before my fall I launched a PIP (Perpetual Impossible Project).  PIPs are long-range risky undertakings that cannot be finished. PIPs contradict and subvert the very notion of tightly controlled corporate style projects: hence their manifest appeal to recusants like myself. I won't go into details about my particular PIP. Let's just say it captures every delusional notion I have ever entertained. Part of … Continue reading PIP News: Isabelle is Up!

Assigning SmugMug Print Size Keys

I believe that a picture’s aspect ratio, its width divided by its height, should be tuned to its contents. Consequently, I am not a slave to standard aspect ratios and print sizes like the ones shown in the following table. Aspect Ratio Print Sizes (Short/Long) (Inches) --------------- ------------------------ 0.5 4x8, 5x10, 8x16, 10x20 0.7 3.5x5, … Continue reading Assigning SmugMug Print Size Keys

More on SmugMug Duplicates

In my previous post I described a method for eliminating duplicate SmugMug images based on MD5’s.   This method does not get all the duplicates. If you uploaded the same image to different galleries,  at different times,  the SmugMug MD5’s may differ.  I don’t know what  SmugMug  rolls into their MD5 ‘s but I suspect it’s more … Continue reading More on SmugMug Duplicates