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Hospital Staff Training

Yesterday I transferred from Surreyplace to St. John’s rehabilitation hospital. St. John’s is a mainstream rehab hospital and is better equipped to deal with my situation. Now that I am allowed active leg movements the therapy will get more intense. To be honest I am not looking forward to longer and more painful sessions. Yes, I am a complete girly man when it comes to searing pain! I will have a better idea of what’s in store for me after tomorrow.

Whatever happens in therapy they will not be waking me up at 4:30 am to draw blood! You can imagine my delight at being roused from a crappy nights sleep, (try sleeping in python tight leg braces), and then being poked by a zealous staff vampire that took singular delight in telling me this little suck would be a daily ritual. Whoa cowboy: there had better be really good medical reasons for waking me up!

Half an hour later another nurse came in and tried to make me take a stomach lining pill. People it’s 5:00 am I am not going to start pointless drugs at such an hour. Then, shortly after refusing the stomach pill another nurse was back to administer an EKG. Clearly sleep was not on the agenda.

I’ve been told all these tests were part of a baseline workup and that I will not be subjected to many of them tomorrow. The vampire will have to suck elsewhere.

I went through the same thing at St. Luke’s and Surreyplace. I don’t want to train hospital staff in the delicate art of me maintenance but it appears unavoidable.