Binge Pretend Boink

Eat Pray Love

The best line in Eat Pray Love comes early on.  When Liz Gilbert’s, (Julia Roberts), marriage is falling apart she gets down on her knees and gives prayer a try.  Now Liz, a successful author and full-fledged member of the secular  New York literati, realizes this is a bit phony so she considers starting her prayer with,  “Hello God, I’m a big fan of your work.”  I’m a big fan of Julia Robert’s work but Eat Pray Love makes impossible chick flick demands.

The modern chick flick is a difficult genre.  A good chick flick:

  1. Caters to women without alienating men.
  2. Treats important but not serious themes.
  3. Is funny in a harmless inoffensive way.
  4. Offers up current female fantasies of the ideal man.
  5. Pushes soft feminist politics.
  6. Goes easy on the ball crushing man hatred.

Eat Pray Love methodically tackles all these points; the film is earnest to a fault!  Yet two hours after seeing it you are left with Julia Robert’s wonderful smile and a nagging sense that hubris laden narcissists have picked your pockets — again! In this way Eat Pray Love is the perfect Obama era chick flick.  Not recommended for people with something better to do!

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