Apocalypse Never or I Told You So Day

Let’s begin with an apology to the Mayan’s. There’s not a whit of verified historical evidence that the ancient Mayans predicted the end of the world or that they were any more upset about cycles in their calendars than we are in ours. Modern Mayans repeatedly pointed this out but arguing with new age morons, schizophrenic doom mongers and pure outright rapacious hucksters is a thankless task. Crazy ideas are easy to market. Just look at who we vote for, the consumer crap that fills our homes, the twaddle that we ludicrously label news and the sheer reams of reason suffocating rubbish that infuses the very core of our increasingly derelict civilization. Believe me; I completely understand the hygienic appeal of apocalypse. A clean, moron free, slate: oh what a glorious day that would be!

Well, it’s not the end of the world but it’s still a glorious day because the day after the world ends is when skeptics celebrate global I told You So Day. On I told you so day sane and rational people get to rub it in and remind delusional nitwits everywhere that they’ve been suckered again. My only regret is I told you so day requires a degree of sanity among the insane. Anyone that fell for Mayan doomsday drivel is now rapidly forgetting it and the very craziness that abetted the belief is now rapidly erasing it. Genuinely crazy people aren’t rational enough to recognize their errors making them poor I told you so targets. As for hucksters: they’re already working the next scam. Skeptics just can’t get no satisfaction!

XKCD is the best  skeptical cartoonist working the intertubes these days. Click for more.
XKCD is the best skeptical cartoonist working the intertubes these days. Click for more.

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