Sorry PBS you already have my Money

PBS beg-a-thon

PBS is begging for money again. PBS is a US public broadcasting network. Like all public English language broadcasters, (CBC Canada, ABC Australia, BBC UK), PBS is filled with tiresome left wingers that do not see themselves as left wingers. It’s still easy to find disingenuous tools in these intuitions that publicly declare they’re bias free.


There’s nothing but biased broadcasting! The only remotely objective broadcasting is weather forecasting and even that’s often ruined by climate change hysterics. Right wingers are equally biased but they’re generally more aware of it. Not because they’re richer, taller, better educated and more handsome than left wingers but simply because they’re exposed to non-stop derision and mockery. If you seek balanced budgets you’re obviously a racist, baby killing, privileged white male. It’s only logical. My answer to insufferable bias is to change the channel or click elsewhere which brings me back to PBS.

FOX News haters have the option of not watching and not paying for FOX News. PBS, CBC, ABC & BBC haters have the option of not watching and paying for PBS, CBC, ABC & BBC. Do you see the logical asymmetry? There’s a missing not when it comes to public broadcasters. We are not given a choice when it comes to paying for their crap. Lack of choice has another name: coercion. Just try not paying for PBS, CBC, ABC & BBC and see what happens? At some point an oppressive and utterly thuggish national taxation authority will come down on your racist, baby killing, privileged white male head.

Lefties don’t see a problem here. What’s the big deal? We have elections and vote in legislatures that pass laws that we, as members of representative democracies, approve of. Some of these laws fund stuff we don’t like. As a card-carrying lefty I detest military spending and corporate tax breaks but you don’t see me going on about it.


I can trump your lefty love of democracy by demanding more it. How about public democratic line item budgeting? I would be absolutely delighted if our duly elected legislatures presented us with a long list of proposed government expenses and then charged us with voting, line by line, for what we like and don’t like. Lefties could democratically vote down military and corporate taxes. Righties could democratically vote down PBS and foreign aid. Any measure commanding majority support gets funded and everything else gets dropped! I suspect, if presented with such a list, we’d very quickly come to our financial senses but what are the chances such a list will ever be presented to citizens of the US, Canada, Australia or any other freaking country? Snowballs in Hell get better odds.

So what’s a fiscally sane person to do when besieged with the plaintive cries of partially publicly funded entities begging for more cash? Sorry PBS – you’ve already picked my pockets. Coerced charity is not charity. Until you’re completely weaned from the government teat you will never get another dime from this racist, baby killing, privileged white male.

One thought on “Sorry PBS you already have my Money

  1. Following many weeks of begging, PBS brought back its regular line of programming on June 21, 2014. As of August 9, 2014 PBS is begging again! PBS, you’re already airing commercials. Rather than airing infomercials for hours and cutting the programming that your viewers wish to see, I would wish for PBS to enter into the realm of reality.

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