Joe Biden = Intelligence Failure

Joe Biden, the demented imbecile in the White House, recently had his, “it will go away like a miracle” (Trump) moment. His, “the rise of the oceans began to slow” (Obama) moment. His, “mission accomplished” (Bush) moment. His, “I did not have sex with that woman” (Clinton) moment. His, “I’m not a crook” (Nixon) moment, and boy was it a doozy! The image of desperate Afghans falling off a plane bugging out of Kabul will be the single defining image of the Biden years. The global garbage media will attempt to divert the pig-dog-public’s attention, and they may even enjoy some short-term success, but fuckups of this magnitude cannot be memory-holed.

Click for the entire sad Kabul airport spectacle. I expect this link will rot quickly. Exposing authorities as complete incompetents does not help the global garbage media sell their preferred narratives.

I feel sorry for the Afghans, but I’m enjoying watching all this blow up in Biden’s moronic face. Unlike many, I was never taken in by his folksy charm and carefully curated common-man touch. It was always a facade to cover the vacuum within. How many times have we listened to this dipshit curry favor with tales of his poor son’s cancer death? Hey Joe, roughly one-third of the American public can bore strangers with similar stories. My own mother died a far more horrific cancer death than your son and I don’t use her sad fate to garner sympathy. You should be ashamed of using your dead son as a political prop.

Now, Joe, I know this is not all your fault. The incompetent intelligence agencies that allegedly serve you share the blame. It seems that American intelligence agencies1 produce nothing but “Intelligence Failures.” How many times have they egregiously screwed up in recent decades? How many heads of the CIA, FBI, ATF, et cetera have been sacked for gross incompetence? Why any of the nitwits supposedly in charge of the Afghanistan withdrawal still have jobs is entirely on you Joe! Unless there are severe, immediate, and career-ending consequences for “Intelligence Failures” you can expect more of the same.

  1.  American Intelligence Agency, talk about an oxymoron.↩︎

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