JHS with the DHTMLX Grid

Grids are the most important GUI user object. It's hard to think of a user-friendly data munching application that doesn't have a grid beating at its heart. Consequently, any serious GUI interface contender must support grids. My previous post showed how to use MathJax with JHS. MathJax is an impressive and important JavaScript library; it … Continue reading JHS with the DHTMLX Grid

Pandoc based J Syntax Highlighting

John MacFarlane's excellent command line utility Pandoc is a Haskell program that converts to and from various text markup languages. Pandoc's help option lists its supported input and output formats. The following examples are Linux bash shell commands. Windows shell commands are identical. $ pandoc --help pandoc [OPTIONS] [FILES] Input formats: native, json, markdown, markdown+lhs, … Continue reading Pandoc based J Syntax Highlighting