Open Source Hilbert for the Kindle

David Hilbert While searching for free Kindle books I found Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg offers free Kindle books but they also have something better! Would you believe LaTeX source code for some mathematical classics. The best book I've found so far is an English translation of David Hilbert's Foundations of Geometry. Hilbert's Foundations exposed some … Continue reading Open Source Hilbert for the Kindle

J 7.01 Now Playing in your Browser

Big changes are afoot for J programmers.  With the release of J 7.01 JSOFTWARE has taken the risky step of deprecating two well established user IDE’s and replacing them with brand new GTK and Web browser-based interfaces.  As we all know new software is not necessarily better software, (remember that risky bit), but in this … Continue reading J 7.01 Now Playing in your Browser

Assigning SmugMug Print Size Keys

I believe that a picture’s aspect ratio, its width divided by its height, should be tuned to its contents. Consequently, I am not a slave to standard aspect ratios and print sizes like the ones shown in the following table. Aspect Ratio Print Sizes (Short/Long) (Inches) --------------- ------------------------ 0.5 4x8, 5x10, 8x16, 10x20 0.7 3.5x5, … Continue reading Assigning SmugMug Print Size Keys

More on SmugMug Duplicates

In my previous post I described a method for eliminating duplicate SmugMug images based on MD5’s.   This method does not get all the duplicates. If you uploaded the same image to different galleries,  at different times,  the SmugMug MD5’s may differ.  I don’t know what  SmugMug  rolls into their MD5 ‘s but I suspect it’s more … Continue reading More on SmugMug Duplicates

SmugMug Duplicate Image Hunting

One of the many things the developers of Thumbsplus got right was a proper normalized database schema.  When I first inspected the layout of a Thumbsplus database I knew I was in good hands.  In Thumbsplus image files get unique keys and image galleries are simply lists of image keys.  Images can appear in any number … Continue reading SmugMug Duplicate Image Hunting

Let’s Hang Congress

As Mark Twain once rudely noted: “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.” Regardless of your political or sexual orientation it’s hard to disagree.  The current Congress is the largest collection of brain-dead fuckwits since the previous Congress and no doubt the next … Continue reading Let’s Hang Congress