Blogging off for Christmas

J Christmas Wallpaper
J Christmas Wallpaper

I am celebrating Christmas by combining two of my favorite things: the programming language J and the superb image editor Picture Window Pro. The other day the good folks at Digital Light and Color announced 64 bit versions of Picture Window Pro. I was delighted. PWP is my favorite image editor. It’s had 16 bit image support since the cows came home and it simply nukes Photoshop when it comes to flat-out crunching performance.  I was afraid that the good old-fashioned C programmers that had crafted this program were retiring: perhaps overwhelmed by a sea of mediocre consumer oriented overpriced sludge — yes Photoshop Elements I’m talking about you! Fortunately it’s not to be! 64 bit multi-core versions of PWP will dramatically extend the lifetime of PWP for this loyal customer.

Speaking of superb good old-fashioned C programs I must give a shout out to J. I’ve been busy preparing a talk for the up coming J conference so J has been on my mind more than usual. Still all work and no play makes J a dull boy! This morning I rooted around in the J bin directories, sucked some J icons into PWP, and then twiddled transformations to generate some Christmas J monitor wallpaper: download and decorate at will!

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