Revenge of the PhD Camera

Hipstamatic water meter Cameras come in two flavors. There are expensive serious cameras used by serious photographers to take serious photographs and then there are PhD, (Push here Dummy), cameras. Serious cameras meet the highest technical standards, lenses are diffraction limited, chromatic aberration approaches zero, pixel counts match Nyquist limits, ISO's exceed retinal sensitivity, auto-focus is instantaneous, color spaces … Continue reading Revenge of the PhD Camera

Assigning SmugMug Print Size Keys

I believe that a picture’s aspect ratio, its width divided by its height, should be tuned to its contents. Consequently, I am not a slave to standard aspect ratios and print sizes like the ones shown in the following table. Aspect Ratio Print Sizes (Short/Long) (Inches) --------------- ------------------------ 0.5 4x8, 5x10, 8x16, 10x20 0.7 3.5x5, … Continue reading Assigning SmugMug Print Size Keys

Command Line C# SmugMug API Metadata Download

I have a skeleton in my photographic closet!  I enjoy hacking pictures as much as I enjoy shooting them.  Before digital photography I got my jollies the old fashioned way with chemicals:  dark room chemicals.  I still get all emotional when I remember the scent of a fixer.   Ahhh --- those were the days. Now,  … Continue reading Command Line C# SmugMug API Metadata Download