3 thoughts on “The Instagram Metadata Massacre

  1. Although I’m OCD about my metadata, I am also OCD about privacy. Sharing services like Instagram and Facebook and Tumblr and such should have EXIF data stripped off by default. You should need to consciously turn on sharing of that data.

    Think of the GPS metadata that’s in the EXIF. If you knew exactly where someone was at a certain time, that could have implications. I suppose it might serve someone right if they post a picture on Instagram of themselves doing drugs or committing some other crime. The police could go round them up and charge them with reckless stupidity.

    But then famous people who might be the target of stalkers need to be sure that when they post pictures from their phones (arguably a wonderful thing that the modern web allows them to do—if it is done right), they don’t get their exact GPS coordinates revealed to the world. People deserve privacy and sharing EXIF widely threatens that.

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