Nobel Peace Prize Idol

My doubts about the Nobel Peace Prize started when Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho won during the Vietnam war.  In my naive youth I thought a peace prize might have something to do with peace!  I was so cute and unsophisticated in those days.  As I aged I developed a robust sense of irony but when Yasser Arafat won the peace prize I was again dumbfounded.  How could an outright unrepentant  murderer qualify for a peace prize?  Clearly my sense of the absurd needed work.  I labored long and hard and when Jimmy Carter won for not being George Bush I took it in stride.   Then Al Gore won for saving the Earth from global warming.  Again my cynical detachment required tuning.  What did global warming have to do with peace?  Did I miss all the brutal carbon dioxide wars?  Finally I understood.  The Nobel Peace Prize has nothing to do with Peace! Of course I still foolishly harbored some illusions that you had to do stuff. This morning, upon learning that Barak Obama had won, I divested my final illusions about the peace prize.   The Nobel Peace Prize is now worth less than a Canadian Idol win.  At least some Canadian Idols can sing and dance.

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