More on SmugMug Duplicates

In my previous post I described a method for eliminating duplicate SmugMug images based on MD5’s.   This method does not get all the duplicates.

If you uploaded the same image to different galleries,  at different times,  the SmugMug MD5’s may differ.  I don’t know what  SmugMug  rolls into their MD5 ‘s but I suspect it’s more than image data.

To get all the copies you must remove duplicate picture ids ,  file names and MD5’s.  Furthermore, to maintain a pure duplicate free state,  you need to check these items often.   Now,  after uploading or rearranging pictures,  I update my SmugMug metadata and execute this J verb to insure I don’t introduce duplicates.

CheckSmugDups=:3 : 0
NB.*CheckSmugDups v-- checks duplicate SmugMug images.
NB. monad:  CheckSmugDups uuIgnore
'albums images'=. readsmugtables 0
images=. }. images [ imhead=. 0 { images
NB. images should be unique in three ways:
r=. ,: 'PID unique: '; # ~.(imhead i. <'PID') {"1 images
r=. r, 'MD5 unique: '; # ~.(imhead i. <'MD5') {"1 images
r=. r, 'FILENAME unique: '; # ~.(imhead i. <'FILENAME') {"1 images
if. 1 <# ~. ;{:"1 r do. smoutput 'duplicates present' end.

2 thoughts on “More on SmugMug Duplicates

    1. Feel free to download the code – it’s linked in the post. The implementation language is not well known but the code is relatively easy to follow. There may be more mainstream solutions. Googling “JavaScript” and “SmugMug duplicates” would be a good place to start.

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