What is Required: Print Captions on the back of Photographs

I am tired of waiting for "the market" to exploit painfully obvious opportunities so I will now provide guidance, in the form of milliblog entries, that tell our less imaginative entrepreneurs just what some of us would buy if we could. Here's a deep request. How about printing captions on the back of photographs? I … Continue reading What is Required: Print Captions on the back of Photographs

The New SmugMug

Websites compete in a brutal Darwinian struggle for eyeballs and clicks: adapt or die is an understatement. Every few years users get "upgraded" whether they want it or not. Generally things move in a better direction. Even twenty-something web programmers aren't completely stupid but setbacks and complete disasters are not uncommon. My new SmugMug layout - click … Continue reading The New SmugMug

Assigning SmugMug Print Size Keys

I believe that a picture’s aspect ratio, its width divided by its height, should be tuned to its contents. Consequently, I am not a slave to standard aspect ratios and print sizes like the ones shown in the following table. Aspect Ratio Print Sizes (Short/Long) (Inches) --------------- ------------------------ 0.5 4x8, 5x10, 8x16, 10x20 0.7 3.5x5, … Continue reading Assigning SmugMug Print Size Keys

More on SmugMug Duplicates

In my previous post I described a method for eliminating duplicate SmugMug images based on MD5’s.   This method does not get all the duplicates. If you uploaded the same image to different galleries,  at different times,  the SmugMug MD5’s may differ.  I don’t know what  SmugMug  rolls into their MD5 ‘s but I suspect it’s more … Continue reading More on SmugMug Duplicates

SmugMug Duplicate Image Hunting

One of the many things the developers of Thumbsplus got right was a proper normalized database schema.  When I first inspected the layout of a Thumbsplus database I knew I was in good hands.  In Thumbsplus image files get unique keys and image galleries are simply lists of image keys.  Images can appear in any number … Continue reading SmugMug Duplicate Image Hunting