Only Now at the End do you Understand

It’s easy to see why other generations detest boomers.  Without a doubt this cohort, my cohort, is the most spoiled, self-indulgent, pompous and delusional generation in western history.  We were born in boom times and grew up thinking they would last forever.  Well, I am happy to report that nothing lasts forever. The boomers, now entering their twilight years, are about to come face to face with reality and reality is a mean castrating bitch.

Boomers,  the generation that fought no serious wars,  (Vietnam doesn’t count most boomers dodged that conflict with student deferments or outright draft dodging),  suffered no serious economic downturns, swallowed socialist drivel about “doing only meaningful work” and seriously believed the government would look after them in their old age are now discovering that:

  1. They have not saved enough.
  2. Finding even meaningless work cannot be taken for granted.
  3. The government takes more than it will ever give.
  4. They will have to work until they drop or starve.

Boomers have nobody to blame but themselves.  They enjoyed the highest incomes in history but instead of following the ancient maxim: good times are when you get ready for bad times.  They binged on a diet of junk consumer goods, over leveraged real estate and various stock market Ponzi schemes. Well the bill has come due!  Hope you enjoy your golden years of Walmart greeting:  I’d urge you to apply now.

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