Brett Kimblerlin Free Speech Hating Criminal SOS

Today I’m joining a free speech blogburst in support of bloggers harassed and threatened by Brett Kimberlin (SOS) and his butt monkeys.  Brett has a problem with people pointing out his bomb detonating criminal terrorist past, but unlike your typical effeminate impotent lefty whiner, Brett isn’t going to take any truth-telling lying down. No Brett is going to wage scorched earth lawfare and if that isn’t good enough get some of his unhinged goons to threaten violence.  Yes, Brett practices the restrained dispassionate discourse advocated by The One.  Unfortunately Brett has pissed off some real men and women and those of us with gnarly gonads and fertile ovaries will not be intimidated by our intellectual, moral and cosmetic inferiors. So sue me if you want Brett. Threaten me if you have the balls but before you get in my face keep in mind that Missouri is a concealed carry state.

Brett Kimberlin mug shot
Brett Kimberlin speedway bomber mug shot

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