Brett Kimblerlin Free Speech Hating Criminal SOS

Today I’m joining a free speech blogburst in support of bloggers harassed and threatened by Brett Kimberlin (SOS) and his butt monkeys.  Brett has a problem with people pointing out his bomb detonating criminal terrorist past, but unlike your typical effeminate impotent lefty whiner, Brett isn’t going to take any truth-telling lying down. No Brett … Continue reading Brett Kimblerlin Free Speech Hating Criminal SOS

1421: The Crank History of Gavin Menzies

Click here for a PDF version of this post. Crank history is big business and it's getting bigger. For reasons that infuriate skeptics there is a never-ending parade of pseudo-historians spouting rubbish that is eagerly devoured by a credulous pig ignorant public. Gavin Menzies' ludicrous tome, 1421: The Year China Discovered America, (also titled 1421: … Continue reading 1421: The Crank History of Gavin Menzies

Everybody Abandon Facebook Day

Yesterday was the first ever Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.   My favorite Everybody Draw Mohammed cartoon is shown below. Da Glory-ass Koran For the troglodytes among us Everybody Draw Mohammed Day was a sarcastic reaction to years of bullying, death threats and fatwas issued against cartoonists for the horrible crime of drawing caricatures of Mohammed.  The … Continue reading Everybody Abandon Facebook Day