Buy My Daughter Helen’s Art!

Dear readers, as most of you know, this blog does not promote anything except the fevered ravings of its somewhat deranged author. But today, in a wild break with tradition, I’m promoting my daughter’s art.

Some of us put Winnie the Wuhan Kung Flu1 lockdowns to good use. I finished my JOD book, and my daughter Helen transformed herself into a visual artist. This collage was built from two images she sent me from her recent Belleville Ontario art show. Helen’s work is available on ESTY.

A collage of my daughter’s art show kiosk and one of her paintings.

Know that if you purchase one of Helen’s paintings, you’re not only helping her, but you’re helping people struggling with depression in Kingston Ontario and throughout Canada. Helen battled depression after graduating from Queen’s University in Kingston. She knows how crippling it is; so she’s donating 10% of her art sales to the Kingston Defeat Depression Campaign.

I purchased some of her early paintings. Dads are supposed to support their kids, but I have a feeling the paintings I bought to help her out will turn into investments as Helen’s art matures. If Helen’s art catches your fancy and you don’t see anything on her ESTY site that suits you, she takes commissions! Her biggest sale so far was a large commissioned work for a Toronto art aficionado. I’m sure she would be delighted to paint one for you!

  1. If calling COVID-19 “Winnie the Wuhan Kung Flu” triggers you, may I suggest expedient self-fornication. Never self-censor for simpletons.↩︎

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