The Zero Bullshit Sport Olympics

We can thank the perpetually aggrieved and ever-complaining “transgender community” for the Zero Bullshit Sport Olympics. The ridiculous spectacle of huge male weightlifters, that conveniently identified and competed as women, crushing smaller and weaker female competitors on live global TV forced many to ask forbidden questions. “Why are Olympic sports sexually segregated?” “Does it really … Continue reading The Zero Bullshit Sport Olympics

Bankrupt Nation Wins the Olympics

Thanks to the all squiggling FSM it's finally over! We, (citizens of the USA for the rest of you losers), have triumphed! We crushed those upstart crony Chinese communists, smothered our long-standing Russian adversaries and overwhelmed our cocky British hosts. All that remains is to hear the sweet loser chanting about how it's not about medals, or countries, … Continue reading Bankrupt Nation Wins the Olympics